About Us

Traditional Thai Massage is an old technique for relaxing the body and the mind. Evolving from the same roots as yoga, Thai massage uses a mixture of deep stretching and pressure point massaging techniques to ease muscle tension loosen joints and release energy blockage within the body, leaving you relaxed and energised. It can help treat the effects of stress, anxiety and general aches and pains. Treatment is given with your clothed on and lying on a futon.

Materialize a culture of wellness and healthy living choices to our patients and clients and live by this statement as well.
Achieve success in serving our patients through therapies and medicinal supplementation at our wellness center.
Harmoniously support the emotional wellness of our patients.
Integrate the ancient healing therapies, methods, and knowledge with a modern approach for the society that we are a part of.
Master wellness within us so it can be an example for our patients and clients.
Always show gratitude and respect, and be responsible for the overall wellness of our patients, family, and friends as our way of serving society in this path we have chosen.